Black Lion 3D Printed Construction is South Africa’s pioneer in printed structures, expanding the horizon of the construction industry by pushing dimensions and limits.

3D printed construction is 80% faster and with 90% less waste than conventional construction. Black Lion 3D pursues sustainability and reduction of the environmental impact, 3D printed construction produces 40% less Co2 emotions over the building’s lifetime.

Let Black Lion 3D print your next, low-carbon, energy efficient and environmentally friendly home or building in Africa.

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Development Partners

BL3D has partnered with Winsun as they are a world leader in 3D printed construction. Winsun, the leader of global 3D printing architecture, was founded in July 24, 2003. The company specializes in 3D printing architecture and D&R, production of building new materials more than 17 years, which is a high-tech enterprise that first truly achieves 3D printing architecture in the world.

Winsun holds 325 national patents and is awarded as important enterprise of “ one belt one road” policy, brand enterprise impacting on Chinese real estate, China real estate integrity enterprise, Shanghai excellent alliance enterprise, China real estate develop enterprise and preferred supplier enterprise of top 500 business real estate projects and is first recognized as a “high-tech enterprise” in the industry.

We have also expanded to:


South Africa | Botswana | Namibia | Zimbabwe | Mozambique | Swaziland | Lesotho


New Zealand

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Characteristics of 3D Printing Construction Market


Construction 3D printing technology subverts the traditional building model, and achieves a customized, high-quality, high-speed and low cost construction solution.


Underground infrastructure, municipal projects, construction projects, traffic facilities, agricultural facilities, military facilities, marine facilities etc.


With advanced computer controlled manufacturing, the production process is simplified as a simple assembly-type construction, It significantly reduces the overall cost and enhances the quality.


Maroela Media: 3D-drukker bied oplossing vir behuisingskrisis

Met die tegnologie van ʼn 3D-drukker kan ’n huis binne ʼn kwessie van ure gedruk word om Suid-Afrika se behuisingstekort te takel. Dit kan boonop teen 30% van die koste wat die normale konstruksie van só ’n huis sou beloop, gedoen word.”

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